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We were established in 2015 to help link schools and colleges to employers, we are delighted to update you with our current progress:

  • We have built a national network which now links 2000 schools and colleges to employers.
  • We have funded 150 programmes to provide high quality employer engagement activities to young people where they are needed most.
  • Employer engagement has increased by 50% among schools and colleges in the network and 540,000 young people have received support from funded programmes.

A new vision

Our remit has been extended significantly with the publication of the government’s Career’s Strategy. Whilst we continue to link schools and colleges to employers across England through the Enterprise Adviser Network, we are also now working to help schools and colleges deliver high quality careers support more broadly.

We are doing this by:

Linking schools and colleges to employers and other external careers providers by extending the Enterprise Adviser Network across the country and establishing 20 Careers Hubs.

In July, we announced the locations of 20 new Careers Hubs that are being established across the country. The announcement was the culmination of a rigorous bidding and selection process and represents a significant development in the mission to consistently implement a best practice standard for careers support in schools and colleges.

The Careers Hubs started operating in September 2018, each consisting of up to 40 local schools and colleges, working together with universities, training providers, employers and career professionals. It means that 710 schools and colleges will be in a Hub - approximately one in five schools and colleges in England.

We are delighted that from next year, we will be expanding the Careers Hubs beyond these 20 areas. To find out more, read about the latest announcement from the Secretary of State for Education here.

Providing training and support to Careers Leaders in schools and colleges.

We have identified a number of training providers who will deliver face-to-face training for Careers Leaders. We are already providing more than 500 schools and colleges with these bursaries. Our online training for Careers Leaders will also be available from late 2018.

Following an announcement of further funding, we are delighted to be able to increase this to around 1,300 bursaries to meet the high demand from schools and colleges.  Read more about this here.

Supporting the implementation of a best practice standard for careers education, the Gatsby Benchmarks, with tools and targeted funding.

To help evaluate progress in achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks our Compass tool is now available for colleges as well as schools. This tool allows schools and colleges to see where they are doing well and areas for improvement, helping them to focus to efforts on where is counts. We are delighted that 3000 schools and colleges are already using it to support their careers programmes.

Whilst there is still lots of work to be done, we think there is much to be optimistic about. We want all young people to have the best start to their working lives.